The Deck of Chords Story

Deck of Chords was developed in 1967 in Cleveland, Ohio by Pete Zoellner and Fred Smith. Both professional musicians, they worked together for years preparing the final version of the Deck of Chords that is now available.

Deck of Chords 3a smBy using a local publisher in Cleveland, Oahu Publishing, they were able to get their product to market quickly. Only the untimely passing of Pete Zoellner would slow the national spread of their product.
Now, once again, it is available! The same great product is still the best of it’s kind and available to you today!

Whether you want to learn to play that guitar in your closet or you are a professional, DECK OF CHORDS IS THE PRODUCT FOR YOU.

Learning guitar chords has never been easier! It doesn’t have to be a chore. The Deck of Chords makes learning guitar chords fun!

Developed by Professional Musicians. The chords are arranged in a simple to use format. Learn new chords or practice chords you already know.

The Deck of Chords is the size of a deck of playing cards. No need to carry around a large guitar book to find the chords you need

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