Key Features of the Deck of Chords 

Dictionary of Chord Positions    

  • 960 Different Chord Positions
  • 20 chords in each of 12 keys
  • 4 different positions of each chord are shown
  • Indexed for instant location

 Deck of Chords 3a smEncyclopedia of Chord Progressions & Instant Chord Speller

  • Comprehensive charts of chord progressions
  • Helps to eliminate the mystery of which chord comes next
  • Instantly spells out the most widely used chord structures

Instant Transposition Charts

  • Instant key, note or chord transpositions
  • Instant transposition from concert Eb or Bb instruments or vice-versa

Music Flash Cards

  • A visual aid to music instruction

Cadenza card game

  • Play Rummy or Solitaire?  Then you already know how to play Cadenza.

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